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Beginning in the late 1970’s it became apparent to Ophthalmologists that the procedure for removing a cataract and implanting a lens had evolved from a lengthy hospitalization with sand bags to a very short hospital stay with most surgeries taking less than 30 minutes and most patients spending only one night. This opened the door to the idea that ambulatory or “in and out” surgery was a perfect fit for eye surgery. Although the hospitals provided excellent care they were not designed to serve just one specialty. This evolution now made it possible for patients and their families to spend only two to three hours in a comfortable setting with state of the art operating rooms to have their eye surgery.

The Eye Surgery Center opened its doors in September 1984. It was one of the first Ambulatory Surgery Centers in the United States and the first in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia to be Medicare Certified. The Medicare Certification not only a payment vehicle but stated that the Center met all the requirements of a hospital. In the early 1990’s the Center saw another opportunity to be one of the first Ambulatory Surgery Centers in the United States to apply for and be granted the prestigious Certification from the Joint Commission. This required the Center to undergo an arduous three day inspection of the Center, its doctors, clinical and clerical staff. The Center proudly continues to maintain this Certification. The Eye Surgery Center has always been forward thinking and has always embraced the newest technologies. The Center was the first in this area to perform laser cataract surgery and one of the first to implant refractive intraocular lenses. The Eye Surgery Centers commitment to our patients is to continually provide the newest technologies in patient care. The Eye Surgery Center has preformed over 100,000 eye surgeries for people from all over the world.